Welcome to Due Film & Photography!

Due consists of, as it implies, two people –
Frida Ireklint, photographer, and Maria Broström, videographer.
We have one, and only one, goal in sight – to make your wedding last a lifetime.

Will you let us?

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Friends since 2011. Companions since 2016. Inseparable for a lifetime.

We did our first wedding together in August 2016 and from the very first second, we knew it was meant to be. Working together on the biggest day of two other peoples lives demands focus, flair and a very good cooperation between the videographer and photographer. We have to respect each others space and time, without losing our own. And we didn’t even have to try very hard – we just did. That might be the most valuable thing about working with your best friend. Except for the fact that your actually working with your best friend. Who could ever ask for more?

So why all this focus on our friendship? Well, it’s easy actually. If you choose to hire us, you will gain from our friendship – partly from how we work, how we don’t even have to talk to know what the other person wants and is searching for, so we can work as discreet and quiet possible. But most importantly it reflects in the final result. The pictures and the film. We give everything to help each other get the perfect set, the best angles and that magic light and touch we all want. And while we are pushing each other to always evolve and succeed, you are the one who will win.

If you want to get to know us more, you can visit Frida here and Maria here.

Oh, just one more thing. We are two very funny people. You really want to be friends with us. 😉

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If you want to contact us – it’s easy! Just fill out the form below.